Under Pressure Trailer

I was hired by the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform -EMSP- to coordinate a group of photographers to achieve a broad panorama of what is life like if you have MS in Europe. According to the Eurobarometer, there are substantial differences in terms of access to diagnosis, treatment, drugs, and general empowerment. Walter AstradaLurdes R. BasolíMax BraunFernando Moleres and myself, treveled to 12 countries, and shot about 40 people in their context. We did dozens of interviews among people with MS and their relatives, friends, carers, and specialists. The UNDER PRESSURE project has its own dedicated site, where still photos, videos and a lot of useful information can be viewed, and more is about to be added in the coming months. These photos are part of my work in Poland, Germany and Italy.
This trailer explains the basic idea behind the project: how would it be if all the people with Multiple Sclerosis had the same opportunities in terms of health and social policies?