The Pigs

PIGS is a term coined by the business and financial press as a way to refer to Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain during their current financial plight. 

I have attempted to illustrate the stereotypes brought up by the term PIGS. In other words, what we would see if we were to translate into images the articles we read in the financial press. This is how I imagine economists see us.

The result is a collection of clichés, both true and incomplete. The same way a travel guide carefully avoids anything seemingly unattractive, this book shows much of what we find embarrassing, oftentimes rightly, and at times unfairly. Either way, it’s just an artifice with which to highlight a specific aspect of life in the PIGS. In the end, what stands out the most is the glaring absence in these images of all that is positive, beautiful and promising in our countries – and that still endures. 


Softcover - 20 x 27 cm
112 pages
Published by Phree and RM Verlag in 2013
Design: Carlos Spottono & Jaime Narváez
Illustrator: Ata
Translation: David Gala
Printer: Ribadeneyra
Copies: 4.000
ISBN Phree 978-84-941215-5-5
ISBN RM Verlag 978-84-15118-62-6


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