Philosophia Naturalis

Natural Philosophy is the discipline that studies the natural things and the laws that rule them. It includes astronomy, geology, botanics, zoology, phisics, mechanics, statistics, and any other activity whose goal is the phisical knowledge of things.  This is how science was called before Science existed.

Aristotle, Plato, Galileo, Newton, Descartes and Darwin were some of the most prolific Natural Philosophers. In this personal vision of the old discipline, I try to reconquer the old spirit of the seek of knowledge through the simple abservation of nature. When watching carefully any landscape, we are unconsciously analizing it, and learning from it. We are exersizing different disciplines simply by watching and thinking about what we see and feel.

These images are a reminder of how much can be learnt from the simple observation of Nature.


Self published
Semi hardcover - 37'5 x 27'5 cm
44 pages
Edition of 40 numbered copies
Printer: Palermo
Coedited with Carolina Rojo Gallery