World Press Photo Award

12 years ago I was awarded a WPPh for a photo I shot on a Kodack TMX film, of a volunteer during the cleaning of the spanish beaches, after an oil spill caused by the wrecking of oil tanker Prestige.

Today I am awarded a WPPh  for a short film I shot with a DSLR, and edited on my laptop. I witnessed a a rescue operation of 200 people who left the shores of Lybia and were found drifting in the Mediterranean sea. They were lucky enough to be efficiently rescued by the Italian Navy. Hundreds more have drowned in the sea trying to reach Europe. A disheartening story that needs coverage and spreading. Spreading is easy; covering is not so easy.

I am amazed that the digital revolution happend so fast. I am also amazed to see how the concept of photojournalism is challenged and healthier than ever at the same time.The way photographers have become narrative storytellers is the one big door that was opened and it's impossible to close back.

Moving image has always had this dimension of transcending the mere pictures. Sequencing, narrative, audio, music... old tricks well known by the cinema and documentary industries, applied now to a whole new world in which we carry screens with us 24 hours a day. More room for a personal view.

And this is only the beginning of a new promising landscape. We have figured out how to maximize the potential of multimedia devices. it's time now for the media groups to figure out how to make it sustainable. One thing is sure: some stories need to be told and spread, and cannot rely only on the willingness of freelancers like myself.

This story was possible only because El Pais Semanal decided to cover it. It wouldn't have been possible to get access without the initiative of a big media name. My friend, El Pais Semanal writer Guillermo Abril took all the steps for this production to actually happen. José Bautista, probably the best musician working with photographers around, added the tremendous music that accompanies the film. 

Today I am happy for me and for all those stories that are waiting to be told.


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