The Pigs went to China

I was in Winterthur Plattform 2014, remember? Yes, I showed my work here and there to different curators, and crossed my fingers to get an email to make an exhibition. And that email came all the way from China. Mrs. Yuting Duan, director of the 10 years old Lianzhou Foto Festival asked me to bring my Pigs to China, and be part of one of the biggest photofestivals of the World. After several months planning and working with the great Hu, Yuting Duan's assistant, we managed to design a nice enhibition.

The city of Lianzhou has been strategically appointed as the "City for Photography" in China by a Government commettee, which means they have put a big deal of their technical skills, intellectual capacity and budget to make it happen. As you know, whenever the chinese decide to do something, they do. The day of the inauguration there was a 20 m. leds screen that was used only once, to show a compilation of images from some past editions and some motion graphics while the festival was presented by different leaders.

More than 150 enhibitions, of which more than half were chinese photographers. Sadly there was almost no contact between the chinese and the western artists. I guess the language is still a barreer.

Among the western participants, I have to recall Yann Mingard, Thomas Sauvin, Liz Hingley, Matjaz Tancic and Sol Miraglia. I met for the first time also Madeleine Penny, the new Sunday Times Magazine Picture Editor and Marie Pierre Subtil from 6 Mois magazine. Vincent Marcilhacy from The Eyes and Xavier Soule from Galérie VU were there too. 

Mi exhibition was set in a semi-outdoors venue. It was well protected by young volunteers, although I had to insist a little bit to remove the water machine and a garbage can that were placed too close to my prnts, for my taste.

I'm glad I got all the captions translated. The local audience seemed very interested in knowing all about The Pigs, which I very much appreciated.

The transparent roof gave the perfect light during the day, while I had to insist some more to get artificial light for the dark hours.

In the end everything turned well, and The Pigs were perfectly visible during the closing party. My dear interpreter, Cara and her colleagues volunteers performed "3 Little Pigs" in front of the homonymous magazine you already know.

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