Pigs and birds at La Nuit des Images

Last weekend I was in Lausanne for La Nuit des Images, organized by Le Musée de l'Elysée. It was good to show The Pigs on a screen to a very educated audience, although the rain made the screening a bit challenging. The atmosphere was kind, clean and super polite, as everything usually is in Switzerland. Children were taken in more consideration than adults, and that should be taken as a real compliment, because that makes adults very happy. The only way to make parents go to cultural activities is to think about children as one of the core matters to take care of, not like something you can solve with a baloon clown. Besides that, food was good, and drink comes in bottles, so it's good everywhere.

I won't mention any names, because anyway can't remember them, but some of the screenings I saw were a bit boring to me. Ale hop. I said it. Maybe I am becoming like old men, who need to eat extra salty and spicy to feel any taste. Or maybe they are serving tasteless vegan food too often.

Instead, I saw one of the most astonishing films I have seen so far: Roger Ballen's Asylum of the Birds.

Ever asked yourself wether Roger Ballen photos showed real people or staged fake freaks? Here you have your answer.  Just one thing: don't show this to ultra sensitive people or children. You would create an impossible to erase trauma for no reason. For the rest of us, already half the way to the grave, it's just amazing.

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