Kim Jong-Un' perfect world.


The way the world sees North Korea is extremely biased by the severe restrictions imposed by the regime to the few journalists who are allowd to work there, and how they present themselves on camera. Kim Jong-Un, like his father and grandfather did, is photographed in different circumstances, almost always following the same pattern: he is doing, looking at or presiding things or events, while anyone else is an extra, and seem to merely write notes in some sinister little notebooks, fake interest and clap their hands. Everything happens around the leader, who seems to enjoy as a child this permanent surprise party that his generals are always offering him. They are colorful photos perfectly framed, almost pictorial. 

The most shadowy and mysterious regime of the planet displays photos without contrasts, without loss of focus, nor even slightly intelligible areas. It's all about pastelcolors, never a dramatic backlighting. Everyone has a good time in North Korea. Nobody is missing anything and the leader is taking care of everything. A regime that believes in the most childish way, that playing happiness is enough to be happy. A regime born of an unnatural breach, based on the denial of its Southern counterpart. A regime that need to fake his own success to justify a national split, that no one but they themselves have ever understood.

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