To kill a voratious pet.

My 16 years old niece posts selfies on Instagram that are worth never less than 100 likes each. She lives in a small city in Andalucia, and as far as I know she doesn't have a large international network. Neither is she famous or has a popular blog. She is not one of those very well know youtubbers. She just posts selfies and photos of her boyfriend.

I have a nearly 15 years carreer as a photographer. I have 5 books published, and one of them became quite well known. Yes, I'm talking about The Pigs. Now: whenever I post a new reportage, exhibition, publication or whatever that has taken me weeks, months or years to achieve, I can be happy if I get 85 likes from my 3.000+ FB friends. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not jealous of my niece. I just see there's is something about internet popularity that I'm not getting.

Statistics suggest online popularity just cannot be taken as an indicator. Maybe, after all, I am just waisting precious hours in promoting my work online, while I should be producing better stuff and hand-writing letters to the 12 people that really matter in this business.

Online recognition is a monster always hungry and can never be satisfied. It's like an enormous and voratious pet who is not giving any emotional feedback, but we don't dare to kill.  Well, I am starting to think about abandoning it in a gas station. Would that be a crime, or the right thing to do?

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