China Western Exhibition at La Chambre

Last December the 6th I presented China Western exhibition at La Chambre, in Strasbourg, France.

14 limited series prints 100 x 73 of some of the photos originally included in the book China Western were presented to the public, who was curious to know more about this isolated chinese province and the geopolitical matters that are explored within this project.

The day after I gave a workshop on Subjective Documentary Photography to 7 french photographers. It was nice, as workshops usually are.

It's amazing how la Chambre picked China Western for their 2013-2014 program, instead of going to the easier The Pigs, so much on the spot this year. China Western is a project I worked on for about 4 years, between 2006 and 2010, that went almost unnoticed, except for a reduced number of people in my own country. I'm glad it is somehow coming back to life. There will be some opportunities in the coming months to keep the exhibition traveling.

Thank you very much to Emeline Duffrenoy and Christophe Thiebaut, who found China Western in Madrid years ago, and waited the right moment to bring it to their place. Thanks to Stilbé, Etienne, Charlotte and the rest of the team.

Thak you also to Pepe Frisuelos, whose lab Daylightlab produces top level fine art prints in a friendly atmosphere.

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