The accomplices of Prometheus.


Prometheus was punished by being chained to a rock and his liver to be eaten by an eagle. But Prometheus was inmortal, so every night a new liver would grow in his body and the coming day the eagle would eat it again. This is how angry Zeus was when he found out that Prometheus had stolen him the fire to give it to men. Because the control of fire is really the starting point of  man as a rational creature, who begins to equate the Gods. The intellectual leap of being able to warm up, seeing at night, cooking, being protected from wild creatures, and all the technological achivements up to the Google Glasses is so wide that it has remained arguably unmatched.

So the fire is Man’s best friend. We could say it’s his creator. But like the Tree of Good and Evil, fire contains also the worst enemy of Man. And maybe that’s why we look at it mesmerized by its seductive beauty.



Every summer we stir to see that criminal arson is still far too cheap. We stir trying to understand what sick mind is able to cause so much destruction and so useless. Lights within us the flame of anger when we look stunned and helpless the annual summer fires photos. Those photos you want to keep looking at; those photos delivered by media as if they were candy for us to experience the sweet taste of plastic beauty, the adrenaline of destructive energy released, while, at the same time we feel infinite empathy towards those whose house is gone and have to start over their lives in the midst of a desert of ashes.

We're too civilized. We dare not punish the arsonists that an eagle will eat the liver. Perhaps after all we are all potential arsonists who simply have been educated to repress our desires, just as we repress the urge to jump into the void when we looked at it.



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