October 2013

  • A bit of spanish showoff

    So they say Spain is finally leaving the recession and crisis behind. It’s not just the view of a forcedly optimistic government. The markets, the IMF and the EU are saying so. Emilio Botín, the Santander Bank president has litteraly said that “there’s money coming to Spain from everywhere”.

    Apparently this is happening, among other reasons, because Spain has finally managed to enter the global market with its mid-sized companies. It’s not just Zara; it’s anybody and their mothers selling spanish goods and services all around the world.

  • The end of this tunnel-like decade?

    In August 2001 I quitted my job as an Art Director and became a would-be photographer.

    A month later the World Trade Center was attacked and the World changed forever. Nothing of what I had in mind happened as I imagined it would.

    In 2002 I photographed an environmental disaster in Northern Spain. Just 14 hours of black and white classic reportage shooting were enough to get me a World Press Photo Award that was very beneficious for my carrer. 

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